Checklist of the Birds of Santa Cruz County, California



Prepared by David L. Suddjian


Santa Cruz Bird Club


Updated December 31, 2004


This seasonal checklist was developed from records compiled by the Santa Cruz Bird Club. These include species files of reports of many thousands of observations, Christmas Bird Count data, Breeding Bird Atlas data, data from dozens of field studies and hundreds of published and unpublished references. The list follows the taxonomy of the 7th Edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologist's Union, 1998) and supplements. Treatment of records of rarities follows the decisions of the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) as published in Western Birds, except as noted. Records included here that were not reviewed by the CBRC, or are still pending decision, are so noted. Abundance codes most closely match the patterns of the recent 10-year period, with emphasis on the recent five-year period for species whose status is in flux. The specific number of records is given for species with three or fewer county records.


The common “four-season” checklist format is used here. Unfortunately, the patterns of seasonal occurrence for many species do not fit neatly into that format. The user is advised to consider “functional seasons,” as dictated by the timing of migration for various species whose occurrence does not match the calendar terms. For example, southbound "fall" migrants occur principally during the summer months for some species, or "spring" breeding populations may return by late January. Where some species bend our usual seasonal boundaries, codes were placed in the seasonal columns that best expressed the overall pattern of occurrence. Therefore, the breeding population of Allen's Hummingbird arrives in late January and February, but this was treated as a "spring" pattern. Many shorebirds, absent in late spring and early summer for only a brief period between migrations, were not shown as present during summer, even though "fall" migrants may appear by late June. There are many such instances where the four-season format cannot be made to match the actual patterns of occurrence.


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Key to the Status Codes


C         Common To Abundant. Moderate to large numbers in proper habitats in the indicated season(s).    Nearly

            always present and easily located.


F         Fairly Common.  Moderate to small numbers in proper habitats in the indicated season(s). Usually

present and easily located.  May occur locally in large numbers under optimal conditions.


U         Uncommon.  Small numbers in proper habitats in the indicated season(s). Usually present but may require

            searching to locate.


R         Rare.  Very small numbers annually (or virtually annually) in proper habitats in the indicated season(s).

Often requires a specific search to locate.  Occurrence predictable and regular.


X         Casual.  Few records in the indicated season(s).


i           Irregular.  Abundance varies substantially year to year from principal code; less numerous or absent     some years.


l           Local.  Typically occurs at few localities or only in a small portion of the county during the indicated



e          Extirpated.  Formerly regularly present in indicated season(s), but unrecorded for 20+ years. Parentheses (  )

            around codes indicate known or approximate former status where there are no recent records.


*          Breeding Species. Breeding confirmed in the county. Parentheses (*) indicates former nesting, now

discontinued for at least 10 years.



                                    Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Anatidae

Fulvous Whistling-Duck                                              (X)       (?)        former status uncertain; no recent recs.

Greater White-fronted Goose               X         X         U         R         

Emperor Goose                                    X                                X         3 records; 1 not reviewed by CBRC

Snow Goose                                        X         X         R          R

Ross's Goose                                       X         X         R          R          some overwintering linger thru summer

Cackling Goose                                    R         X         U         U

Canada Goose                         *          U         Ul        F          Fl         population increasing

Brant                                                    C         R         U         R

Tundra Swan                                                               R          R

Wood Duck                             *          U         U         U         U

Gadwall                                   *          C          F         F          C

Eurasian Wigeon                                                          R          R

American Wigeon                                 R                     U         C

Mallard                                    *          C         C         C         C

Blue-winged Teal                                  R         X         U         U

Cinnamon Teal                         *          C         Ul        U         F         

Northern Shoveler                    *          U         X         U         F          1 breeding record

Northern Pintail                                    U         X         U         F         

Garganey                                              X                                             1 record

Green-winged Teal                               U         X         F          F

Canvasback                                         U                     F          Fl

Redhead                                               X                     R          R         

Ring-necked Duck                                U         X         U         F

Tufted Duck                                                                 X         X        

Greater Scaup                                      R          X         R          U

Lesser Scaup                                        U         X         U         U

Harlequin Duck                                    X                     X         X         pattern of winter records, but infrequent

Surf Scoter                                           C         U         C         C

White-winged Scoter                            U         R          U         Ul        quite low numbers in recent years

Black Scoter                                        R          X         R          R

Long-tailed Duck                                  X         X         X         X         most records from winter

Bufflehead                                            R          X         U         C

Common Goldeneye                             R          X         U         F

Barrow's Goldeneye                                                                 X

Hooded Merganser                              R                      U         F

Common Merganser                 *          Ul        Ul        Ul        Ul

Red-breasted Merganser                      F          R          U         U

Ruddy Duck                             *          F          Ul        F          C


Family: Phasianidae

Wild Turkey                             *          U         U         U         U         introduced; population increasing


Family: Odontophoridae

Mountain Quail                         *          Rl         Rl         Rl         Rl        

California Quail                         *          C         C         C         C


Family: Gaviidae

Red-throated Loon                               C         R          C         F

Pacific Loon                                         C         R          C         C

Common Loon                                     C         R          C         F                                                               


                                                            Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Podicipedidae

Pied-billed Grebe                     *          C         F          C         C

Horned Grebe                                      R                      R          U

Red-necked Grebe                               R          X         R          R

Eared Grebe                                         R          X         R          U

Western Grebe                                     C         Fl         C         C        

Clark's Grebe                                       F          Fl         U         F         


Family: Diomedeidae

Laysan Albatross                                  R          X         X         R

Black-footed Albatross                         C         C         R          U

Short-tailed Albatross               e                                  (C?)     (C?)     former status poorly known


Family: Procellariidae

Northern Fulmar                                   Fi         Ri         Fi         Ci

Murphy's Petrel                                    X                                             1 record

Cook's Petrel                                                               X                     1 record; also 1 "Cookilaria" sp.

Streaked Shearwater                                                    X                     1 record

Pink-footed Shearwater                        U         U         C         R

Flesh-footed Shearwater                       X         X         R         X

Greater Shearwater                                                      X                     1 record

Wedge-tailed Shearwater                                             X                     1 record

Buller's Shearwater                                           X         F         

Sooty Shearwater                                 F          C         C         U

Short-tailed Shearwater                        R          X         U         F         

Manx Shearwater                                 X                     X         X         perhaps “R” in fall

Black-vented Shearwater                      Ui                    Ci        Ci



Wilson's Storm-Petrel                                                   R

Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel                       Ui                    R          Ui

Leach's Storm-Petrel                                        R?        R?                    status poorly known

Ashy Storm-Petrel                                            X         F          X

Black Storm-Petrel                                           X         F          X

Least Storm-Petrel                                                       Ui   



Red-billed Tropicbird                                       X                                 1 rec. identified to sp.; others Sp., Fa. & Wi.


Family: Sulidae

Masked/Nazca Booby                                                              X         1 record; juv. not identifiable to species

Brown Booby                                                               X                    

Red-footed Booby                                           X                                 1 record; not accepted by CBRC


Family: Pelecanidae

American White Pelican                        Rl         Ul        Fl         Ul        population increasing

Brown Pelican                                      F           C         C         F


                                                             Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Phalacrocoracidae

Brandt's Cormorant                  *          C         C         C         C         3 breeding localities

Double-crested Cormorant       *          F          Ul        C         C         3 breeding localities

Pelagic Cormorant                    *          F          F          F          F


Family: Fregatidae

Magnificent Frigatebird                         X         R          X                    


Family: Ardeidae

American Bittern                       *          R          Rl         U         U

Least Bittern                                         (X)       (X)                               3 or 4 records, but none since 1961

Great Blue Heron                     *          F          F          F          F         

Great Egret                               *          U         R          F          F          1 breeding locality

Snowy Egret                                         U         R          F          F

Little Blue Heron                                  X         X                       X         3 records

Cattle Egret                                          X         X         R          R           few records since 1995

Green Heron                            *          U         U         U         U

Black-crowned Night-Heron    *          U         U         F          F            nests irregularly from year to year


Family: Threskiornithidae

White-faced Ibis                                   R          X         R          R         


Family: Cathartidae

Turkey Vulture                           *          F          F          U         R         

California Condor                     e (*)     (F?)      (F?)      (F?)      (F?)      former breeding res., status uncertain


Family: Accipitridae

Osprey                                     *          U         R          U         U         2 breeding localities

White-tailed Kite                      *          U         U         F          F

Bald Eagle                                            X         X         R          R

Northern Harrier                       *          R          R          U         U

Sharp-shinned Hawk                *          F          U         F          F

Cooper's Hawk                        *          F          U         F          F

Northern Goshawk                               X                     X         X

Red-shouldered Hawk              *          F          F          F          F

Broad-winged Hawk                            X                     R          X

Swainson's Hawk                                 R                      R          X        

Red-tailed Hawk                      *          F          F          C         C

Ferruginous Hawk                                X                     R          R

Rough-legged Hawk                             X                     R         R       

Golden Eagle                            *          U         U         U         U


Family: Falconidae

Crested Caracara                                                         X                     1 record

American Kestrel                      *          U         U         F          F                     

Merlin                                                  R                      U         U

Peregrine Falcon                       *         U         R         U         U

Prairie Falcon                                       X         X         R          R


Family: Rallidae

Yellow Rail                                                                   X(U?)  (R?)     1 recent record; former status uncertain

Black Rail                                 e                                  (X?)                 former status uncertain

Clapper Rail                             e                                  (R?)     (R?)      former status uncertain

Virginia Rail                              *          U         U         F          F

Sora                                         *          U         Rl         U         U         few breeding records

Common Moorhen                   *          R          Rl         R          U        

American Coot                         *          C         F          C         C


Family: Gruidae

Sandhill Crane                                                              X         X         3 records


                                                           Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Charadriidae

Black-bellied Plover                             C         R          C         C

American Golden-Plover                                              X                     3 modern records

Pacific Golden-Plover                           X                     R          X

Snowy Plover                           *          Ul        Ul        Fl        Fl

Semipalmated Plover                            F          X         F          Rl

Killdeer                                    *          U         U         F          C

Mountain Plover                                                           X         X         3 records


Family: Haematopodidae

Black Oystercatcher                 *          U         U         U         U


Family: Recurvirostridae

Black-necked Stilt                    *          Ul        Ul        Fl         Fl        

American Avocet                      *          Rl         Rl         Ul        Ul


Family: Scolopacidae

Greater Yellowlegs                               F                      F          U

Lesser Yellowlegs                                 R                      U         R

Solitary Sandpiper                                R                      R          X        

Willet                                                   C         Ul        C         C

Wandering Tattler                                 U         X         U         R          recently very rare or absent Nov - Mar

Spotted Sandpiper                    *          U         Rl         U         U

Whimbrel                                             F          R          F          U

Long-billed Curlew                               F          X         F          U         numbers increasing in recent years

Marbled Godwit                                   C         U         C         C

Ruddy Turnstone                                  R                      R          R         declined in recent years

Black Turnstone                                   C                     C         C

Surfbird                                                F                      F          F

Red Knot                                             X         X         R          X

Sanderling                                            C         R          C         C

Semipalmated Sandpiper                                              R

Western Sandpiper                               C         X         F          Rl

Least Sandpiper                                   C                     F          Ul

Baird's Sandpiper                                 X                     R         

Pectoral Sandpiper                               X                     R

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper                                                 X                     1 record

Rock Sandpiper                                   X                     X         X        

Dunlin                                                   C                     F          Ul

Stilt Sandpiper                                                              X                    

Buff-breasted Sandpiper                                               X                     2 records

Ruff                                                                              R

Short-billed Dowitcher                          F                      F          X

Long-billed Dowitcher                          F                      F          Ul

Wilson’s Snipe                                     R                      U         U

Wilson's Phalarope                               U                     U        

Red-necked Phalarope                         C                     C         X

Red Phalarope                                      C         X         C         Fi


Family: Laridae

South Polar Skua                                  X         X         U

Pomarine Jaeger                                   F          X         F          R

Parasitic Jaeger                                     U         X         F          X

Long-tailed Jaeger                                                        U

Laughing Gull                                        X                     X 

Franklin's Gull                                       R                      R          X

Little Gull                                              X                     X         X

Bonaparte's Gull                                   C         R          C         U

Heermann's Gull                                   U         C         C         C

Mew Gull                                             U         X         F          C

Ring-billed Gull                                     U         R          F          C

California Gull                                       C         U         C         C

Herring Gull                                          U         X         U         F

Thayer's Gull                                        R          X         U         U

Western Gull                            *          C         C         C         C

Glaucous-winged Gull                           F          R          C         C

Glaucous Gull                                       X                     X         R

Sabine's Gull                                         U                     U

Black-legged Kittiwake                        Ui        Ri         Ui        Fi        

Caspian Tern                                        F          F          R          X

Royal Tern                                           X                     X

Elegant Tern                                         R          C         C         X

Common Tern                                      F          R          F          X

Arctic Tern                                           F                      F         

Forster's Tern                                       C         Fl         U         Fl        

Least Tern                                            R          R          R         X           

Black Tern                                           R                      R          X

Black Skimmer                                     R          R          R          X


Family: Alcidae

Common Murre                                    C         C         C         C

Thick-billed Murre                                                        X                    

Pigeon Guillemot                       *          C         C         R          X

Marbled Murrelet                     *          F          F          U         U         limited inland breeding distribution

Long-billed Murrelet                                                     X                     3 records, 2 pending CBRC review

Xantus's Murrelet                                             R          U         X

Craveri's Murrelet                                             R          R

Ancient Murrelet                                   Ui        X         Ui        Fi

Cassin's Auklet                                     F          F          C         C        

Parakeet Auklet                                    (X)                                           1 record of beach-cast specimen

Rhinoceros Auklet                    *          F          U         F          C         1 breeding locality

Horned Puffin                                       X         X                     X

Tufted Puffin                                         R          R          U         R



                                                Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Columbidae

Rock Pigeon                             *          C         C         C         C         introduced

Band-tailed Pigeon                    *          C         C         C         C

Eurasian Collared-Dove                                                            X        introduced; also 2 non-wild resident populations

White-winged Dove                                                      X         X         most records from fall

Mourning Dove                        *           C         C         C         C

Common Ground-Dove                                                            X         1 record


Family: Cuculidae

Yellow-billed Cuckoo               (*)        X         (U)       X                     few recent records; historic nesting

Greater Roadrunner                  e(*)      (U)       (U)       X(U)       (U)   1 recent record;  former breeding resident


Family: Tytonidae

Barn Owl                                 *          U         U         U         U


Family: Strigidae

Flammulated Owl                                                         (X)                   1 record

Western Screech-Owl              *          C         C         C         C

Great Horned Owl                    *          F          F          F          F

Snowy Owl                                                                              (X)       1 record

Northern Pygmy-Owl               *          U         U         U         U

Burrowing Owl                         *          X         X         Rl         Rl         only 1 recent breeding record

Spotted Owl                                                                             X         several reports are problematic

Long-eared Owl                       *          R          R          R          R         

Short-eared Owl                                  X                     R          R         

Northern Saw-whet Owl          *          C         C         C         C


Family: Caprimulgidae

Lesser Nighthawk                                 X         X         X

Common Nighthawk                             X                     X

Common Poorwill                     *          R          Ul        R          R          status not well known


Family: Apodidae

Black Swift                               *          R          R          X                     possibly recently extirpated as breeder

Chimney Swift                                      X                       X                    

Vaux's Swift                             *          F          U         U         X

White-throated Swift                *          Ul        Ul        Ul        Ul


Family: Trochilidae

Black-chinned Hummingbird                 R          X         R         

Anna's Hummingbird                 *          C         C         C         C

Costa's Hummingbird                            R                      X         X

Calliope Hummingbird                          R          X

Rufous Hummingbird                            U         R          R          X?       

Allen's Hummingbird                 *          C         F          R                      breeding migrants arrive in Jan.


Family: Alcedinidae

Belted Kingfisher                      *          U         U         U         U


Family: Picidae

Lewis's Woodpecker                            X                     X         X        

Acorn Woodpecker                 *          C         C         C         C

Williamson's Sapsucker                                                X         X         2 records, 1 recent

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker                                             R          X

Red-naped Sapsucker                          X                     R          R         

Red-breasted Sapsucker          *          R          Rl         U         U        

Nuttall's Woodpecker               *          F          F          F          F

Downy Woodpecker                *          F          F          F          F

Hairy Woodpecker                   *          F          F          F          F

Northern Flicker                       *          F          F          C         C

Pileated Woodpecker               *          U         U         U         U     


                                                            Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes  


Family: Tyrannidae

Olive-sided Flycatcher              *          U         U         R

Greater Pewee                                                                         X         1 record

Western Wood-Pewee             *          F          F          U

Willow Flycatcher                                 R                      U         X

Least Flycatcher                                   X                     X         X        

Hammond's Flycatcher                         R                      R                     

Gray Flycatcher                                    X                     X

Dusky Flycatcher                                  R                      R          X        

Pacific-slope Flycatcher            *          C         C         C         R         

Black Phoebe                           *          F          F          F          F

Eastern Phoebe                                    X                     X         X        

Say's Phoebe                                        R          X         U         U

Dusky-capped Flycatcher                                             X         X        

Ash-throated Flycatcher                       F          F          R         

Tropical Kingbird                                                         R          X

Cassin's Kingbird                                  X                     X

Western Kingbird                     *          U         Rl         U         X         2 breeding records

Eastern Kingbird                                   X                     X                    

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher                       X                     X                                            


Family: Laniidae

Loggerhead Shrike                   *          Rl         Rl         U         U


Family: Vireonidae

White-eyed Vireo                                 X                                              1 record, under CBRC review

Bell's Vireo                                           X                                             1 record

Plumbeous Vireo                                  X                     X                    

Cassin's Vireo                          *          F          F          R          X

Blue-headed Vireo                                                       X                    

Hutton's Vireo                          *          F          F          F          F

Warbling Vireo                         *          C         C         F          X

Philadelphia Vireo                                                         X         X         3 records

Red-eyed Vireo                                    X                     X                    

Yellow-green Vireo                                                      X                     2 records


Family: Corvidae

Steller's Jay                              *          C         C         C         C

Western Scrub-Jay                   *          C         C         C         C

Pinyon Jay                                                                    X                      3 records

Clark's Nutcracker                               X                     Ri         Ri         absent most years

Yellow-billed Magpie                           X                     X         X           few modern records

American Crow                        *          C         C         C         C

Common Raven                        *          F          F          F          F         


Family: Alaudidae

Horned Lark                            *          Rl         Rl         U         R          1 recent breeding locality


Family: Hirundinidae

Purple Martin                           *          Rl         Rl         R                      tiny breeding population at two localities

Tree Swallow                           *          C         C         F          Ul

Violet-green Swallow               *          C         C         F          Ul

Nor. Rough-wi. Swallow          *          U         U         R          X

Bank Swallow                          (*)        R                      R                      formerly nested

Cliff Swallow                            *          C         C         U        

Barn Swallow                           *          C         C         U         R          recent pattern of migrants in early winter



                                                Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Paridae

Mountain Chickadee                                                                 X         1 record

Chestnut-backed Chickadee     *          C         C         C         C

Oak Titmouse                           *          U         U         U         U


Family: Aegithalidae

Bushtit                                      *          C         C         C         C


Family: Sittidae

Red-breasted Nuthatch             *          Ul        Ul        Fi         Fi        

White-breasted Nuthatch          *          Ri         Ri         R          R          apparently irregular breeder

Pygmy Nuthatch                       *          C         C         C         C


Family: Certhiidae

Brown Creeper                        *          F          F          F          F


Family: Troglodytidae

Rock Wren                                          X                     X         X         records suggest historic breeding

Canyon Wren                           (*)                               X         X         former resident; presumably nested

Bewick's Wren                         *          C         C         C         C

House Wren                             *          Ul        Ul        U         U

Winter Wren                            *          F          F          F          F

Marsh Wren                             *          F          F          F          F         


Family: Cinclidae

American Dipper                      *          U         U         U         U        


Family: Regulidae

Golden-crowned Kinglet           *          F          F          Fi         Fi        

Ruby-crowned Kinglet                          U         X          C         C


Family: Sylviidae

Dusky Warbler                                                             X                     2 records

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher              *          U         Ul        U         Ul       


Family: Turdidae

Western Bluebird                      *          Ul         U        U        Ul        declining; rare over most of county

Mountain Bluebird                                X                                   X         2 or 3 records

Townsend's Solitaire                             X                     X           R

Swainson's Thrush                    *          C         C         F         

Hermit Thrush                           *          C         C         C         C

American Robin                        *          C         C         C         C        

Varied Thrush                           *          R          R          Fi        Fi        


Family: Timaliidae

Wrentit                                     *          C         C         C         C


Family: Mimidae

Gray Catbird                                        X                     X         X         spring and fall recs. unreviewed by CBRC

Northern Mockingbird              *          F          F          F          F         

Sage Thrasher                                      X                     X         X

Brown Thrasher                                    X                                             3 records

California Thrasher                   *          F          F          F          F         


Family: Sturnidae

European Starling                     *          C         C         C         C         introduced


Family: Motacillidae

Eastern Yellow Wagtail                                                X                     1 record

Black-backed Wagtail                                                  X                     1 record; 1 or 2 others of White/Black-b. sp.

Red-throated Pipit                                                        X                    

American Pipit                                      U                     C         C


Family: Bombycillidae

Bohemian Waxwing                                                                  X         1 record

Cedar Waxwing                       *          C         X         C         C         2 records of breeding evidence


Family: Ptilogonatidae

Phainopepla                                                                  X         X   


                                                           Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes    


Family: Parulidae

Tennessee Warbler                               X                     R          X

Orange-crowned Warbler         *          C         C         F          U

Nashville Warbler                                 R                      R          R

Virginia's Warbler                                                         X         X

Lucy's Warbler                                                             X         X

Northern Parula                        *          R          X         X                     1 breeding record, others probable

Yellow Warbler                        *          F          F          F          X                                               

Chestnut-sided Warbler                        X                     R         

Magnolia Warbler                                 X                     R          X

Cape May Warbler                                                      X         X

Black-throated Blue Warbler                                        X         X

Yellow-rumped Warbler           *          C         Fl         C         C

Black-thr. Gray Warbler           *          F          F          U         R         

Black-throated Green Warbler                                      X         X        

Townsend's Warbler                             C         X         C         C

Hermit Warbler                        *          F          F          U         U

Blackburnian Warbler                                                   X         X

Grace’s Warbler                                                           X                     1 record; under CBRC review

Prairie Warbler                                                             X         X

Palm Warbler                                       X                     U         R

Bay-breasted Warbler                                                  X                     1 record

Blackpoll Warbler                                X                     R

Black-and-white Warbler                     X                     R          R

American Redstart                    *          R          X         R          X         1 breeding record

Prothonotary Warbler                           X                     X

Ovenbird                                              X                     X

Northern Waterthrush                           X                     R          X

Kentucky Warbler                                X                                             2 records

Connecticut Warbler                                                     X                     2 records

Mourning Warbler                                X                                             1 record

MacGillivray's Warbler             *          U         Rl         U         X

Common Yellowthroat              *          F          F          F          F

Hooded Warbler                      *          X         X          X         X         1 breeding record

Wilson's Warbler                      *          C         C         C         R

Canada Warbler                                   X                     X

Painted Redstart                                   X                                             1 record          

Yellow-breasted Chat               *          R          Rl         X                    few recent breeding records


Family: Thraupidae

Summer Tanager                                  R                      R          X

Scarlet Tanager                                    X                      X                     2 records

Western Tanager                      *          F          F          F          R


Family: Emberizidae

Green-tailed Towhee                            X                     X         X

Spotted Towhee                       *          C         C         C         C 

California Towhee                    *          C         C         C         C

Rufous-crowned Sparrow         *          Rl         Rl         Rl         Rl       1 breeding locality 

American Tree Sparrow                                               X         X        

Chipping Sparrow                    *          Ul        Ul        R          R

Clay-colored Sparrow                          X                     U         X        

Brewer's Sparrow                                                        X                     

Black-chinned Sparrow            *          Rl         Rl                                 breeds at only 2 localities

Vesper Sparrow                                   X                     R          X

Lark Sparrow                           *          Ul        Ul        Ul        Ul        declining in recent years

Black-throated Sparrow                                               X                     1 record

Sage Sparrow                          *          Rl         Rl         Rl         Rl        breeds at only 2 localities

Lark Bunting                                         X                                 X         1 recent record 

Savannah Sparrow                   *          Ul        Ul        F          F

Grasshopper Sparrow              *          F          F          R          R         

Le Conte's Sparrow                                                     X                     1 record

Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow                                     X                     1 record

Fox Sparrow                                        U                     F          F         

Song Sparrow                          *          C         C         C         C

Lincoln's Sparrow                                 U                     F          F         

Swamp Sparrow                                  X                     U         U

White-throated Sparrow                       R                      U         U        

Harris' Sparrow                                    X                     X         X        

White-crowned Sparrow          *          C         F          C         C         nesting limited to immediate coast

Golden-crowned Sparrow                    C         X         C         C

Dark-eyed Junco                      *          C         C         C         C

Lapland Longspur                                                         R          X

Chestnut-collared Longspur                                          X                     1 record          


Family: Cardinalidae

Rose-breasted Grosbeak                      R          R          R          R        most records late May to Sept.

Black-headed Grosbeak           *          C         C         F          X

Blue Grosbeak                                     R                      R                     

Lazuli Bunting                           *          F          Fl         U         X

Indigo Bunting                                      R          X         R          X

Painted Bunting                                                             X                    

Dickcissel                                                                     X         X        



                                                Sp        Su        Fa        Wi       Notes


Family: Icteridae

Bobolink                                              X                     X

Red-winged Blackbird              *          C         C         C         C

Tricolored Blackbird                 *          Fl         Fl         Fl         Fl         2 recent breeding localities

Western Meadowlark               *          Ul        Ul        F          F         

Yellow-headed Blackbird                     R          X         R          X        

Rusty Blackbird                                                            X                     3 records

Brewer's Blackbird                   *          C         C         C         C

Common Grackle                                                                     X        1 record; not accepted by CBRC

Great-tailed Grackle                 *          Ul        Ul        Ul        Ul        increasing; nesting known in one area   

Brown-headed Cowbird           *          F          F          Fl         Fl

Orchard Oriole                                     X                     X         X

Hooded Oriole                         *          F          F          X         X

Baltimore Oriole                                   X                     X         X

Bullock's Oriole                        *          F          F          R          R


Family: Fringillidae

Brambling                                                                                 X         1 record

Purple Finch                             *          F          F          F          F         

Cassin's Finch                                                               X         X         exceptional invasion Fall 1996

House Finch                             *          C         C         C         C

Red Crossbill                            *          Fi         Fi         Ci        Ci        less numerous than codes most years

Pine Siskin                                *          F          F          Ci        Ci

Lesser Goldfinch                       *          F          F          F          F         

Lawrence's Goldfinch               *          Fil        Fil        Ri         Ri        

American Goldfinch                  *          F          F          Ci        Ci

Evening Grosbeak                                Ri                     Uil       Uil        less numerous than codes most years


Family: Passeridae

House Sparrow                        *          C         C         C         C         introduced